Hippy Crafts on Pinterest

I don’t frequent Pinterest as much as I did over the holiday, I’m sure to start heading there now that spring has sprung and my garden beds are still empty. I love all the real cool eco gardening ideas, but I don’t know if I’m quite ready yet to have an herb garden on my bicycle.

ImageHippy Chick’s Nest on Pinterest here

Good Morning Sunshine

I’m so excited to start this new blog where I can share all the great things that inspire me as an Earth loving eco-friendly vegetarian hippy photojournalist and homeschooling mom of 4.

It maybe organic, recycled, reused, a new idea or old thought, craft or adventure but whatever it’s going to be I hope you enjoy!

my morning a mug of lemon water and some freshly baked organic cookies.

 I love my Hippy Chick mug by the fabulous Food Revolution Chef and all time favorite healthy eating food hero Jamie Oliver.