My Life

Hi everyone! I’m Kate a eco-friendly Mom to four young energetic kids and a working photojournalist, I homeschool 2 of my girls and adjusting to life as a single gal, there may be a lot on my plate but every day is a new opportunity to celebrate the peace, love and happiness life brings to the table.

Meet my Peas:
Pea #1 Luna my oldest is a beautiful 11 year old who wants to be an artist when she grows-up.
Pea #2 Peace is a shy and reserved child but she is always ready to lend a helping hand and has the most infectious giggle.
Pea #3 My buddy Zen is very active and who struggles with being the only boy.
Pea #4 Little Eco thinks she’s the queen pea, loves to cuddle and is trying to find a way to stay age 4 forever but she’s 5.

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