Hippie Kitchen Recipes

Most of us Hippie’s are familiar with the “Hippie” or “Hidden” Kitchens as some call them. They’re were found on Grateful dead lots, on Phish Tour, Rainbow Gatherings and other hippie gathering spots, it was where you could find a warm meals most of which were made right inside VW bus or on a camping stove. The recipes were a mix love, peace and harmony as the hari krishnas once told me, it was a unique part of the hippie culture that’s quickly dying out.

via igougo

I enjoyed selling our kind veggie burritos, hand squeezed orange juice, falafel (my fav) and kind spaghetti to hungry hippie’s on the lot it was never about money but a means to get to the city and the next show. It’s been many years since I made recipes like crazy veggie Grill Cheese, Rainbow Stew, Veggie Bagels and who can’t forget remember goo balls or hash brownies. If you have a favorite hippie recipe or story from the road you’d like to share drop me a message I’d love to share it here!

I’ll be posting recipes from my Hippie Kitchen every Thursday.