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Bell Tents

Bell Tents

Made exclusively for the Glam Camping Company, “Rhubarb and Custard” Bell tent is the ultimate tent for Glamping in style.

I may be a hippy but I don’t enjoy camping in a tent at all. It’s a VW bus or bust in my book or at least until I came across this awesome company that takes camping to the next level. If I was more talented I be a carnie but since I’m not I can see myself camping in a tent like this one with my three ring circus.

Bell Tents

Good Neighbors

I don’t usually talk about religion since I feel everyone’s religion is equally as important to them is their neighbor’s but and yes there is a “but” after living in the south Bilble belt capital of the US and for 12 years I notice a few things especially that “down here” it seems as though they’re more segregated over religion than they are over race. Religion can bring people together but it can also tear them apart, cause wars and create a society of people who no longer reach out to help their fellow neighbor. You can say I’m making all of this up and where are my views coming from but I have experienced it. Back about 5 years ago our home flooded, it was the only one in the subdivision to that day with 4 little kids under the age of 6 at home and no Family around except the in-laws(at the time I was married) I needed help, we needed help and I can say no one did not even the in-laws! Seriously, I got every excuse in the book even the “if you want to come to our church we could find the help you need”…meaning if don’t joined your our church you’re blank out of luck. It almost makes me want to join a hippy commune, I like the idea but I’m not into joining any large groups or organizations, I like keeping my free agent status with life. I do believe though that being a good neighbor can in turn help us be a better society and a better world.

National Good Neighbor Day is September 28th mark your calendars! it was the brainchild of Mrs. Becky Mattson. Becky and her husband Dick lived in Lakeside, Montana in the early ’70s and realized the importance of knowing your neighbors. Mattson and Congressman Mike Mansfield got Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Carter to sign proclamations for National Good Neighbor Day. The U.S. Senate finally passed a 2003 resolution back by Montana Senator Max Baucus that officially made September 28th National Good Neighbor Day.

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