About Me

age I started recycling: 4

age I became a vegetarian: 14

age I started touring with the Grateful Dead: 17

age I had my first child: 26

age I started eating organic food: 33

age I had my last child: 32

age I became a professional photojournalist: 22

age I started blogging: 35

age I owned my first VW bus: 37

age of my first VW bus: 19

age I became a hippy: at birth

contact me: hippychicksnest@yahoo.com

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi, im a 61 year old south african, im trying to relive the hippie era time, ive had three vw vans first the split window, drove all over southern part of africa in that, then the next model, now have a 86 transporter, was 1800 air cooled, put a toyota 2 y turbo in her, boy does she go fuel efficient, must convert the painting as she is still whit, looking for inspiration, and ideas, wish there where more hippies around , esp hippie clothes, and the real lifestyle,

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